Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Subject: United citizens for a democratic financial system in all European countries

Dear Citizens, Initiators and Representatives!

The Euro, the Treaty of Lisbon, the ESM and the fiscal compact have been rolled out in many European countries against the will of the citizens. The EU Commission, ECB and EU Governors now dictate politics, economics and finance in Europe. Severe damage has been done to democracy and the long-term prospects for a sane economy.

It is high time for policy-makers to come out from under the spell of the banking lobby, whose aim it is to rescue business as usual by plugging holes in a dam that has already burst. Instead, one must to penetrate the heart of the problem by distinguishing the symptoms from the cause. There is no lack of renowned experts who predicted the crisis and have identified alternatives.
Therefore, we commit ourselves to the self-determination of the citizens of the various states and regions. It is the democratic right of citizens to choose their currencies and their monetary system. Democracy is a farce without democratic money!

On behalf of the people of Europe we, people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, started a petition on to call upon political representatives to heed the demands of the people of Europe. This petition is now progressing towards a pan-European scheme to fix the money system, allowing for local variations, but with the central idea of putting banks back in their place.
Feel free to send us the names and the e-mail addresses of political representatives in your country. You are also most welcome to translate this message and the text of the petition / into your country's language.
If possible, do sponsor an internet domain with a name that is an appropriate translation of "Banken in die Schranken!" in your country's language. Example for English:
The contents of the website of that domain should be: background information about our monetary system, initiatives supporting the petition and of course the demands of the petition. In the age of corporate identity, it also seems inevitable that you include our logo. For sample texts, see: That content should feature links to the (local) petition on
For technical reasons, please contact Reinhold M. <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> (in German or English) BEFORE you purchase a domain for the project, thanks.

In solidarity,

Wolfgang Theophil, Karlsruhe/DE
Reinhold Mannsberger, Vienna/AT
Hans-Rudolf Scheller, Zürich/CH

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