Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

We actively encourage other people to recycle and spread our ideas in their own language and/or country. Websites, petition, bumper stickers ... the more, the merrier! Don't miss our Promo Letter for details. And do try to integrate your own ideas for an optimal monetary system. That's the very essence of community-controlled currency.
One important constraint, however, is to contact Reinhold BEFORE purchasing a domain. Not because we're control freaks ... just technical aspects of renting domains and webspace.
Hints for remaking the logo: font Kimberley, size: 115px.

Download the naked logo here:

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Download other logo images here.

And here's the text we used (in the section "To:") when launching the petition at

"We call for comprehensive reorganisation of banking and finance. The money supply must serve the public, which has the right to shape the system. Our money must be safe and separate from speculative capital. Profit-oriented private corporations should not be allowed to create or destroy money. In particular, money must work in a way that excludes the systemic concentration of wealth.
Money is a social achievement, and thus a public good. Citizens have the right to choose their monetary system in a democratic manner. Democracy is a farce without democratic money!"

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