Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

As at 2013, there were two most interesting initiatives running in Switzerland. Sovereign Money Creation is the object of an initiative planned for 2014.

Another initiative has already reached the necessary number of supporters, and will be put to vote within the next 2 to 3 years. It aims to instate, or at least launch a discussion on a 'Basic Income Guarantee' (B.I.G.), and makes no mention of money creation. However, it's the kind of thing we must think about when considering alternative ways in which to bring money into circulation. Thus, one thing that is mentioned alongside Sovereign Money Creation is a 'Citizen's Dividend', which could in theory contribute to such a B.I.G., a.k.a. 'Citizen's Income'.[1]
Much like Sovereign Money, B.I.G. is extremely unpopular with the business elite, probably because they question the very notion of 'elite'. See also What is workless income?


  1. See Positive Money's Sovereign Money, James Robertson's Future Money, and many more!
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