Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Serious[1] efforts are currently underway in England to keep our savings separate from so-called 'investment banks'. The two main Swiss banks are also flirting with the idea.[2] Finally, one thing we all seem to agree on: banks need (better) boundaries!

However, the apparent change of conscience does not prevent continued con-science:

  1. It leaves untouched the mechanism by which money is created.
  2. Keeping savings separate still doesn't change the fact that your savings become the bank's property, and that it is required to keep a fraction of it safe. Thus, even the simplest savings account is an 'investment'! The debate on separation ignores this.


From our petition: "The first step is to separate commercial and investment banks."

A year after first publication of this text, the sobering outcome of those efforts: pitiful!
See Positive Money, Reforming the structure of the EU banking sector

Last updated November 2013.


  1. Visit our blog page to see how "serious" those efforts really were.
  2. It wasn't much of a flirt, more lip service. While politics (left and right) are pushing for separation, the banks seem understandably tired of all the new regulation. Let's help them: fixing money creation would render so much regulation obsolete!
    Money creation should be topic number one. Reimann (right-wing People's Party) and Müller (Green) approached the Federal Council with this in 2012. Response: defensive and erroneous, but it's a start. See MoMo's comments in German.
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