Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Preconceptions on money (and its implications) run deep, and let emotions run high. This makes it harder to keep a neutral, sober view of things. Mental blocks abound.

Jörg Buschbeck is one of the people to suggest we are still "financially illiterate".

Things get dicey when views such as the ones expressed on this page challenge long-held misconceptions about money. Fancy scientists refer to this as cognitive dissonance. It occurs when new insights cause previously-held points-of-view to crumble. When the carpet is pulled out from under one's feet, one feels disappointed, becomes dis-illusioned (illusions are removed).

Normal reactions include aggression and a feeling of helplessness. Further consequences may include a shift in one's perception or denial of reality.

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( is running a version of the banks-need-boundaries "franchise" in Austria as a genuine "Volksbegehren" within the traditional political system. - mk)

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