Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Why are our taxes so high? – A very emotional topic...just when it's most important to be rational. Our previous article explained a simple, easy-to-grasp reason of Why you're losing out. Here's some little-known information on taxes.

In a true democracy, government spending would be viewed as something we decided collectively, and the day you pay your contribution (taxes) would be a festive occasion. It's us as a big family getting together to buy what we agreed on.[1]

The connection between taxes and money creation: ALL our money is on RENT from private banks. Interest is the rental fee. "We work for the government until March (April/etc.)" – how much of that is for banks?

In the course of history, money has become cheaper and cheaper to create, compared to the actual face-value. A coin costs less to make than the coffee you buy with it, and that applies doubly for banknotes.[2] In the past, when we relied mostly on cash, this difference went to the government as profit.

The removal of this profit from public hands has been called the greatest theft in history. With governments left hung out to dry, guess who's there to help ... banks!

Adding insult to injury, government debt creates interest liabilities. Paid for by you-know-whom! English taxpayers currently spend more on interest for government borrowing than they do on schools.[3] Schools are where we're supposed to learn about society, and how to put two and two together...

...Do you see now why "monetary reform is crucial to our survival" – as one of the people who signed our petition put it?[4]

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by Michael K for Banks need Boundaries!


  1. Source: Noam Chomsky
  2. The technical term for this difference in price is 'seigniorage'.
  3. Positive Money, Taxes
  4. Bonus question: Do you see now who's laughing from a safe distance when energy that could be used to change things is diffused by just hating the government – the one thing we can influence? See Education for a 5-minute-primer on how to talk to your representatives about money creation. We despise big government, too. Please note, however, (a) that modern governments suffer from limited agility because they're constantly plugging holes in a damn that isn't needed in the first place (private money monopoly). And note (b) that there are some things we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder on. One twig is easily snapped; a bunch of twigs isn't.
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