Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Here is our in-a-nutshell rendition of Positive Money's statement on the environment:

The current debt-based money system causes and/or worsens recessions. These are bad times, when environmental-protection laws are forced to take a back seat. Arguments of jobs and growth trump concerns for the environment.

But is growth really that important? If you do the maths, and omit activity related to the craziness of the current money system, you can't be so sure![1]

Environmentalists worry about growth because it is linked to increased mining, consumption and pollution.

Tim Jackson in Prosperity without Growth: thanks to increased efficiency, we can indeed grow without more mining and emissions. But such an adjustment would take time.[2]

Wouldn't it be nice if we could tackle the very real environmental challenges we face, without disturbance from financial crises – especially those one could avoid with Sovereign Money? The monetary system is not a law of nature, but a collection of rules and computer systems. Easy to fix, once we decide to do so.

by Michael K for Banks need Boundaries!


  1. See here for the simplest-possible example on why economic doctrine places such a high value on growth and competitiveness: Interest
  2. Jackson speaks of "decoupling" growth from resource use. This reminds us of Franz Hörmann's Information Money, where ownership of resources is removed entirely from free-market activities. Adapted Quote: "One of our problems today is that entrepreneurs fight each other to hike or undermine price of raw materials or components. That's completely illogical. Lower prices result in lower quality, higher pollution, more slavery etc." Source: Comments under Positive Money's article on interest.
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