Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

There is wisdom in maintaining a razor-sharp focus on money creation. However, even the best new idea, with perfect support from the people, will at some stage have to involve those who got us into this mess. That's why we chose to bolster our petition with further conditions, beyond "Money supply must serve the public (...) controlled by non-profit institutions." The following list includes some organisations that directly tackle issues raised in those parts of the petition. It's just a list, we don't agree with everything they do and say.*
It gives us hope that when we approached some of them regarding the question of money creation, we received positive responses, albeit of an ultimately non-committal nature. Bottom line: "Yes, our work would be a lot easier if we fixed money creation!"
* Official supporters and friends here: Banks need Boundaries! supporters

Human Rights Watch
Financial Transparency Coalition
Berne Declaration
Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research

Officially interested in Sovereign Money (aka Plain Money):
Post Growth Institute – Global prosperity without economic growth
See also Degrowth

Democracy Now!
Democracy index
Global democracy ranking

Media watchdogs
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Accuracy in Media
Project Censored

How can we reduce the harmful effects of outside mingling, without even more mingling? Who is meant by writing "we"? Won't hurt to study these:
Ethiopia Commodity Exchange
Microfinance (Worthy of a Nobel Prize, now sadly "out of fashion", "India's too corrupt", and "It just carries our debt-based money system out to the furthest reaches.")

Global Alliance for Banking on Values
Alternative Bank Switzerland (Switzerland only)
GLS Bank (anthroposophically-oriented)
Freie Gemeinschaftsbank (anthroposophically-oriented)

Wikileaks – whistleblowers welcome!
Sicher melden – report anonymously within Switzerland

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