Banks need Boundaries! Banken in die Schranken!

Banks need Boundaries!

Human rights, not banking plights

Society must set the rules for the financial system and not vice versa. Banks should serve the people.

Fair distribution of wealth

Money should be accumulated according to individual achievement. Workless concentration of capital widens the gap between rich and poor. One must take decisive steps to heal this growing rift.

No more gambling, no more offshore

The first step is to separate commercial and investment banks. States may not give guarantees for the speculative business of investment banks. States should never bail out investment banks. Shadow banks, offshore financial institutions, hedge funds and derivatives create nothing of real value. Experience shows clearly that they in fact harm society.

Money supply must serve the public

It's a waste of time to debate monetary policy without taking into account how money is created. Profit-oriented private banks should not be allowed to create money. The money supply should be controlled by non-profit institutions.

End speculation with essential resources

Financial speculation with food and commodities, which represents blackmail of people and the real economy, must end. The securities market must become a zero-sum game, not a tool to siphon off assets from useful businesses. Sensible forms of investment should lead to a flow of money towards the real economy. States may not go into debt for this.

Self-determination of all people

The Euro and many international treaties were pushed through over the heads of those very citizens who bear the consequences. We evoke the right to self-determination and demand referendums. Every country has the right to decide on its budget, its economy, and thus on its own currency. ESM treaty, fiscal compact and institutions that are not democratically legitimized should be rejected.

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About us:
"Banks need Boundaries!" grew out of "Banken in die Schranken!", a group of European money-reform activists. We launched several petitions in different languages and enjoy collecting ideas and providing resources. Particularly useful if you want to set up alternative currencies, petition your government, or are enthusiastic about Plain Money.


Wolfgang   Wolfgang T.
Born in Rheinfelden, living in Karlsruhe, Germany
Member of ATTAC
Chief Editor of TV-ORANGE
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Hans-Ruedi   Hans-Ruedi S. (HRS)
Born/resident in Zurich, Switzerland
Fiduciary and technical merchant
Member of Tax Justice Network Europe
Board Member of MoMo
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Manfred   Manfred G., based in Austria, is the founder of the platform In daily life he is an author, and teaches philosophy, which led to his questioning our current monetary system. Manfred is also a graphic designer and the creator of the "Banks need Boundaries!" logo.
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Reinhold   Reinhold M. is the initiator of the political referendum ("Banken-Volksbegehren") in Austria. In his professional life he is a systems analyst. In private he is not only interested in monetary reform but also a bamboo enthusiast.
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Michael   Michael K. is Scots-Polish, based in Switzerland, and our external advisor and blogger. He began his career translating PR texts into English, and still thinks in slogans.


"Banks need Boundaries!" in no way endorses prejudice or violence against bankers or other minorities. Often enough, bankers are merely agents of a system they don't understand, trying to get by like everyone else. Undoubtedly, some do abuse their power, but harming them in return fails to fix the root cause of financial crises, which is the monetary system itself, and can be changed.